Wildlife Removal In Nashville Tennessee

Mole & Vole removal in nashville tennessee

Moles & Voles In Nashville

Moles will quickly turn your backyard into a minefield. Creating perfect holes for sprain ankles or geo-markers for your dog to make the hole bigger.

Raccoon removal in nashville tennessee

Raccoon Removal In Nashville

Raccoons are no joke, they carry diseases such as rabies. When they are digging around your trash they become a liability for you and your family.

Squirrel removal in nashville tennessee

Squirrel Removal In Nashville

Say goodbye to dug up gardens, gnawed furniture, chewed wiring, and so much more. Squirrels can be a real nuisance to home owners and residents in Nashville.

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Wildlife Removal In Nashville Tennessee

At Thrive Pest Control we don't just handle pest efficiently, we pride ourselves in our ability to protect your home from all unwanted creatures, wildlife included. We make sure that every technician is certified and trained to handle all types of wildlife including but not limited to squirrels, raccoons, groundhogs, rabbits, opossums, otters and even reptiles.

When you schedule a free inspection, we will come to the location and check for signs to know exactly what you are dealing with. This could be droppings, nests, tracks, and many other signs that these critters leave. We'll scout out their food source so that when we are done removing the current problem, you don't have one of their friends take over the now vacant territory.

When we are called to take care of a wildlife issue, we make sure to follow all safety persuasions and handle the the wildlife conflict with the most humane, effective and safe approach available. We are committed to helping you or your company address unwanted visitors. In fact, after we take care of the current problem, we seal off homes in order to prevent rodents and bats from entering the home.

This consists of sealing the any gaps that would give access to your home or property, and setting traps. This service helps to prevent any future problems including bats in chimneys, rats in basements, squirrels in attics, and much more! After all animals are removed, the owner never has to worry about any future entries because the home is securely sealed. And because we are a proud local pest control company we will also treat your home and property for pests.

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brentwood tn pest control review
Mark came to my place to do pest control. Mark explained to me what treatments he was using, how they worked, and how long they would last. Very professional and completed the job in a timely manner. - Kevin B.
Mt. Juliet Pest Removal
Jesse came out for the initial treatment after I spoke with the office. Jesse was super nice and made sure that I knew if there were any issues that they are available to help. Having just moved here and being a brand new home owner, I did not even realize we had three wasp nests until they were shown to me! I highly recommend Thrive. - Becky C.
Hendersonville 5-star pest control reviews
Insects in and around our home have disappeared year-round since we began regular treatments from Thrive. Our technician Andrew is great to work with. He is consistently polite, attentive, and effective. Money well spent! - Barton C.

The Thrive Pest Control Promise

At Thrive Pest Control, we are committed to providing top-quality pest removal services. We promise to do everything we can to remove the pests and wildlife from your property and keep them from coming back. If there is a situation where the pests we treated for reappear, we will return to your home and remove them free of charge. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services.

We are proud to provide full-service pest & wildlife prevention and removal treatments for our friends and neighbors in Nashville and the greater Nashville area. Our team is knowledgeable, skilled, and professional in every service we provide.

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