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It All Starts With a Free Quote
And Thorough Inspection

We hate hidden fees and to avoid them we do a full inspection to understand exactly what type of pests you are dealing with. In fact, there is a saying in the pest control industry that pest bring in more pests and that is why we start every service with a thorough inspection.

Once we know what we are dealing with one of our expert technicians will give you a free quote and a personalized treatment plan. Without spending a dime you'll understand exactly what you are dealing with and what the best way is to get rid of them for good.

Every Corner Treated To Ensure Swift Eradication

Most homeowners and businesses are shocked when they find they have a pest infestation because they live a clean lifestyle that shouldn't attract bugs. However, pests are relentless and will come into any home regardless of the circumstances.

And that is why we don't cut corners. We treat every aspect of your home and that includes crawl spaces, tight squeezes in the garage, and even up high on the eves of your roof.

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You Are In Total Control

After we have performed an inspection and gone over treatment plans with you we will get to work. You'll decide before hand if there are any areas of your home that need special attention or concerns you'd like us to address.

By mapping out your home and problem areas before hand, our technicians can apply fast-acting, family safe pest treatments that will have your home free of pests no-time.

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Say Goodbye To Itchy Bed Bugs Forever!

Some pests like bed bugs have egg hatching cycles and might require two visits to ensure eradication but most pests won't come near your home after our first service.

Then, if you sign up for one of our recurring treatments you can rest assured that those pests won't step an inch in your home again. But, if somehow you have a super pest that defines all logic, we will come back free of charge. We guarantee our services because we know they work.

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of Experience

Bed bug exterminator in Nashville
Guaranteed Bed Bug Removal or It Is Free!

Yep, you heard that right. We are so confident in our pest removal services that you can't lose. Give us a call and find out how easy and affordable it is to live pest free in Nashville. We have treatment plans that work with any budget because let's face it, no one deserve to live in a pest infested home.

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Eco-friendly Products

All of our products and treatments are pet and kid safe but we don't stop there. We provide services with green products that are safe for you and the environment but hard on pests.

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Bed Bug Control & Treatments That Cover 330+ Pests

When you call Thrive you don't just get treatments for one nasty bug but a guarantee that will keep over 33 common household pests from entering your home.

23+ Years Experience

4.8-Star Google Reviews


I recently switched from a big company to Thrive and it was a great decision. Small company and the customer service has been on point. Every employee I’ve spoken with actually cares and takes the time to solve the issue. Techs at the bigger pest companies try to get as many routes as possible and it’s hard to get them back out when issues pop up. Ean has been my tech and is thorough and explains everything.

Best Pest Control Reviews in Tennessee
Bed bug exterminator reviews
best bed bug removal company in Nashville
Dustin H.

Every time they come to my home, they have the best customer service I’ve experienced from a pest control company. Each one of them have great mannerism, they are polite, and actually smile and converse with you. Definitely recommend Thrive Pest Control.

Best Pest Control Reviews in Tennessee
Bed bug exterminator reviews
best bed bug removal company in Nashville
Sheena R.

I was using other service providers before Thrive...but after Thrive I do not think I need to look for better service... they know what they are doing and how it is being done!!

Best Pest Control Reviews in Tennessee
Bed bug exterminator reviews
best bed bug removal company in Nashville
Vaibhav G.

Thrive Pest Control in Nashville, Tennessee has been treating bed bugs for over 23 years. We understand how awful it is to have these bed bugs in your home, in your couch or even crawling around your baseboards. We know that you want them gone right away and that is why we have a treatment plan that is fast and effective. Our treatments are pet and kid-friendly, which means you will not have to move out, or go on a quick vacation.

If for some reason you are not satisfied with our treatments or if the pests come back then so will we. Yep, we 100% guarantee our services!

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How Quick Can We Exterminate Your Bed Bug Infestation?

The Short Answer? Quick.

Top Quality Products At An
Affordable Price

Our competitors hate us because we use top products and provide thorough treatments all backed by an incredible guarantee. We don't skimp on the details or areas that we service because we know just how good it feels to live pest free!

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    Interior Treatments
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    Perimeter Treatments
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    Crevices & Crawl Space

We leave no place for nasty pests like bed bugs to hide! Each of our technicians are equipped with the best the pest control industry has to offer because we believe in one simple rule and that is to take care of our customers.

Schedule, Or Emergency Treatments To Keep Those Bugs Out

Pests love water, warmth, and all the little crumbs they find around your home that have been dropped by your dog, kids, or even you as your reach for your third hand-full of cheetos. They'll keep coming back but the good news is we won't let them. Our schedule services stop determined pests in their tracks so that you and your family can live pest free.

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    Emergency Services
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    Kid & Pet
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Pest Free Living Guaranteed!

Rest easy and get back to living life knowing that those pests are gone for good.

The Thrive Pest Control Promise

At Thrive, we are committed to providing top-quality pest removal services. We promise to do everything we can to remove the pests from your property and keep them from coming back. If there is a situation where the pests we treated for reappear, we will return to your home and remove them free of charge. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services.

We are proud to provide full-service pest prevention and removal treatments for our friends and neighbors in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Our team is knowledgeable, skilled, and professional in every service we provide.

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