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Mice are no joke & can cause some serious damage to your home

Once in your home, they can cause structural damage and carry some nasty diseases as well

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Before we do anything, it is important to know what you are up against. Often when there is one mouse, others are also living in your home. Let's find out if there is structural damage and how bad the infestation is.

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Once we know what you are dealing with our team will apply the appropriate treatment that will eradicate the mice from your home and lives.

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Your family's safety is our top priority. Our treatments are tough on bugs and rats but 100% safe for your furry friends, too!

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We are dedicated to providing exceptional service with every home or business we treat. That includes not only exterminating current mice problems from and around your home, but also protecting your home against future attacks. With every one of our services, you can expect:

  • Free inspection to understand exactly what rodents you are dealing with
  • Thorough treatments, to get rid of or keep mice out of your home.
  • 100% guarantee that they will stay out of your home for as long as your continue service.
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Mice can cause structural damage to homes, apartments, offices, and virtually any type of building through gnawing, nest-building and defecation:
Mice will chew on just about anything that they see as useful in their nests. This could be wood; paper; cloth or books for example. A mouse will gnaw and burrow into upholstered furniture or seats in a home to create a hidden snug home. Insulation is not safe from mice either - they'll tunnel inside walls (either making it their new residence or gathering soft materials)

Mice can cause real threats of fire by gnawing on wiring. This has been known to happen because mice will chew through the insulation around wires and may even build their nests in large appliances, chewing away at or damaging any electrical wire they come into contact with. Sometimes that leads to malfunctioning appliances which could lead increase the risk of fire.

What do mice eat?

Mice can't resist the lure of food, whether that's a fresh-cooked meal, leftover scraps or food debris. Mice are technically omnivores and prefer eating grains such as breads and oats. They can also live on less than an ounce of water per day if they don't have any other sources for them to eat from. With that being said, kitchen scraps are not their only source of food; electrical wiring paper cardboard among many others will also do in place of more nutritious dishes like crumbs that have fallen and been swept under the stove.

How do mice get inside your home?

Mice are likely attracted to your home because it is an open invitation for them. Be sure to seal up any wall cracks, patch up foundations, and fill any holes or vents where mice can gain entry. The important thing you should remember when trying to keep these pests out of your living space is that there are many things that attract the rodents but just as many ways in preventing their infestations from occurring. The first step would be looking for signs of a rodent issue (such as droppings) because knowing what problem you are dealing with is the first half of the battle.

How do you get rid of mice?

Cindy Mannes, a spokeswoman for the National Pest Management Association suggests that before you put down any traps or bait to get rid of mice in your basement floor, do some detective work. Figure out where they're coming from because just randomly putting traps all over won't help at all. Try and figure out where they've been living and building nests then set up your trap around those general areas instead

After you have figured out where they are in your home, it is time to assess the damage. Often when there is one mouse, there are many relatives lurking around the corner. If you are positive that you only have one mouse, then you can go ahead and set some traps around their nesting grounds and highly trafficked areas. But, if you think there may be more than just one, we suggest hiring a professional pest control company. And that is because you want speed on your hands. When you hire a pest control company, they will be to effectively take care of your mouse infestation and prevent any further damage to your home.

The Thrive Pest Control Promise

At Thrive, we are committed to providing top-quality pest removal services. We promise to do everything we can to remove the pests from your property and keep them from coming back. If there is a situation where the pests we treated for reappear, we will return to your home and remove them free of charge. We want you to be completely satisfied with our services.

We are proud to provide full-service pest prevention and removal treatments for our friends and neighbors in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Our team is knowledgeable, skilled, and professional in every service we provide.

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