Will Pest Control Get Rid of Mice — Zack’s student essay

Will Pest Control Get Rid of Mice?

Pest Control is an absolute necessity. I have seen it myself firsthand in the work force, where the health and safety of a nursing home food preparation environment was put at risk due to pests. Without Pest Control being readily deployable when necessary, the safety of 150 residents of the nursing home I was employed at (Silver Lake Nursing Home) in Bristol, PA would’ve been incredibly compromised. 

Pest Control will ‘get rid’ of mice in the environment where they are hazardous and where it is necessary. Pests will by no means be going extinct and we are being respectful of them in their own environments, but not where they are a danger to the people around them in inappropriate atmospheres. I am grateful for Pest Control saving our workplace from these unexpected dangers.

In an environment where large quantities of food are stored and prepared & the kitchen is attached to the rest of the building (multiple units of residents and nurses), it is nearly impossible to maintain all of the health and safety standards without deployment of multiple third party units to contribute to their fields of expertise. 

We ended up with an infestation of mice that were incredibly devastating to the state of our atmosphere. We had to put away all of the food that was going to be prepared until Pest Control was contacted, and they were able to come to us within hours. 

If it was not for the incredible accessibility of these Pest Control services, we would’ve had to delay distribution all of the meals for an indefinite period of time trying to come up with a solution, and at very best, we would’ve had to probably mass order readily prepared packaged foods to give to the residents – and that is by no means whatsoever a sustainable solution.

This was just the first job that I had where Pest Control was an absolute necessity! A few years down the road from that experience, I ended up with a Shift Management position in a Food Services environment & I acquired my Food & Safety ServSafe licensure. 

It was at this position where I became the person who would have to handle calling in pest control requests myself, and I was grateful to have had the experience firsthand at the prior job to see the process of calling in these requests, which made it that much easier for me to know the right thing to do.

cropped image of pest control worker in uniform spraying chemicals on bush

At this job at a major food and beverage chain, we had a run in with mice again! I was working at a location that was attached to a massive hotel within Philadelphia, so it was unfortunately not too out of the ordinary there. 

I personally called out Pest Control Services to come take care of the mice infestation that we were going through at the time – and once again, Pest Control saved the day by coming in and handling the root of the problem and giving us that boost to get back in line with Food Safety standards once again – and our business was essentially saved from having to close down from the money that would’ve been lost by not being able to stay open due to the situation that we were in with the pests.

Pest Control was the driving force in returning both of these workplaces to a safe condition for Food Service by getting rid of the threat when it was absolutely necessary! I truly have an appreciation for the Pest Control workers and the excellent services that they provide & it would take a massive burden off of my shoulders to have the assistance from this Scholarship. Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this and also for considering the financial burden that college students endure!

Author: Zack Burnett

Arizona State University

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