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Where Does Pest Control Spray In Apartments?

When the situation involves bugs, rodents, and even insects, there can be a variety of places where pest control can spray in apartments. The main areas where the spraying can take place are the suspected entry points. These may include windows, doors, crawlspaces, pipes, and attics. 

In other words, anywhere that has some sort of access to the inside of the apartment. When pest control or the exterminator sprays the apartment for these pests, they can spray the perimeter of the inside or even outside the apartments.

In some cases, only the outside of the apartment may be needed since some bugs or rodents will be scared off and not have the courage to come back. The spraying of the outside of the apartment can be referred to as a warning to the rodents and insects to not trespass. 

Since apartments are different from a house, the spraying of the inside for any pest is often requested with the apartment manager, but the outside is usually allowed without the need of requests, according to source 1. 

Many pest controls will spray the foundation of the apartment because that is commonly known as an entry point for the unwanted pests. Not only that but also, the spraying can take place in the hot spots that the individual has noticed.

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An example of a hot spot includes the resident of the apartment who has seen or experienced, whether the rodents or insects, enter through a specific place or area. Although, when pest control is spraying the inside of the apartment, more than usual they spray near the perimeter, as previously stated. 

Due to this reason, objects such as furniture, decor, and fragile items are recommended to be moved. On the same note, when there are any sort of objects on the ground, such as laundry or crowded areas, then this will affect the spraying. When there is anything in the way of accessing the walls, this should be removed so that pest control is able to reach all places.

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Although, in any case if a certain area must be reached and there is an object or item preventing it from being reached, then the exterminator will need to move it. This is why moving anything that will prevent the process of spraying for pests should be moved, especially if fragile, according to source 1. 

Furthermore, since many apartment rules differ, this preparation tip can be valid for a few. If the resident of the apartment owns a pet, especially a dog or cat, the pet should be secure inside a kennel away from any place where they may interfere with the spraying. This keeps the pets safe from the liquid being sprayed and also does not disrupt the exterminator. Depending on the amount of pests found within the apartment, may it be only one area or many, this can be an important factor for the pest control to decide when to make its next visit. If there are too many bugs and or rodents, the visit can be as soon as the following week, but if the amount of pests is minimum then the next visit can take place within a few months.

Author: Sarahi Velasco

Grand Canyon University


Source 1: https://vinxpestcontrol.com/pest-control-spray-apartments/

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