Will Pest Control Get Rid of Mice — Ashley’s student essay

Will Pest Control Get Rid of Mice?

Living in a double wide can be quite challenging at times, especially when colder weather starts to approach and mice find their way into our home. This year, the mice have been extremely bad, not only in my home, but for others in surrounding areas. 

I see people go to stores daily trying to buy any trap, poison, or spray they can find just to try and get rid of the mice. Some people have even said “These mice are really getting on my nerves this year, it is almost like they are able to outsmart every trap or spray I have found to use

.” Honestly, all I could think was this guy was right. We have used so many different traps or poison in our house that these mice have been able to outsmart because they seen the others test the traps out and get caught. 

We have used the original traps where you just place some peanut butter on it and when the mouse approaches it the trap will snap shut real fast, and we have tried the poison pellets. 

Sadly, neither trap got rid of the army of mice we were dealing with this year. I continued to find mouse poop in my floor or it even got to the point that the mouse was brave enough to just show itself in plain sight.

Not only did the mice destroy my floor, it chewed through some of my clothing in my closet and peed and pooped all over my wardrobe, and they even chewed a hole through my closet wall to go hide in. To further my education on how to get rid of these annoying pests I took the time to research if pest control would help get rid of mice. We have never had an exterminator come get rid of our issues we have always tried to solve them on our own before forking out a bunch of money we do not have to pay them to do something that we could easily do on our own first.

cropped image of pest control worker in uniform spraying chemicals on bush

The last step is calling the exterminator the first step is trying to get rid of the pests on our own. By doing some research we found out that the most common trap is the one that snaps close real fast when the mice try to get to the peanut butter. 

The second trap people tend to use are the sticky traps. I absolutely hate those traps because the mouse gets caught on the trap and can take up to 24 hours of struggling to fight for its life before dying. The poison that we have found that has worked best is a trap you put mouse food inside and they tend to like the smell so they go ahead and eat it because they get hungry. It can take up from 1-3 months before you rid of all the mice but its possible. Pest Control can get rid of mice. It may take awhile to get rid of all of the mice but at least it works.

Author: Ashley Arvai

Southern Illinois University of Carbondale IL

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