Why ticks are so dangerous to humans and pets — Kelly’s student essay

Why Ticks Are So Dangerous To Humans And Pets?

Ticks are a very dangerous insect that can often be overlooked. Ticks have the ability to carry many diseases to pets and humans. My family has witnessed this danger first hand.

When I was 12 years old, my mother all of the sudden started to feel extremely sick after a trip to my grandparents house in Wisconsin. She was weak, had a fever and could barely move her own body. With the help of my father, my family got her to the hospital as soon as she started to have trouble breathing. The emergency room was unsure of what the issue with my mother was. She had many different symptoms, making it hard for them to decipher the root of the problem.

The emergency room was not the only place that could not figure out the issue. Doctor after doctor, my mother started to lose hope because all she would hear is, “I don’t know”. Frustrated and confused, my mother finally went to a specialist that told her what was wrong. She had been infected with Lymes Disease.

Lymes disease is something that is unknown to a lot of people. This disease is caused by a rare bacteria that is spread by the bite of a tick. This disease does not just stop at the disease itself, it can lead to other issues such as arthritis or the swelling of joints. 

All of this caused by something as quick as a bite from a tick. A tick is an insect that can bite or latch onto a human or pet without them knowing, which is what makes them so dangerous. This simple bite from a tick, had affected my mother so greatly, and will affect her for the rest of her life.

Close-up of Tick attached next to an Australian Shepherd's eye

Ticks are not only a danger to humans, they are a danger to our pets as well. Ticks can cause a number of diseases, anemia or even paralysis for our pets if they are not protected. Their simple bite can leave pets affected for the rest of their lives.

tick crawling on human hand

So how do we protect ourselves and our pets from these insects? It is easy to just let your dog out the back door and let them run around in the woods without a second thought. But, that is when pet owners should be thinking. Animals should be checked after being outdoors for ticks. It is a simple task that can help save the life of our pets. Not only should pets be checked, but we should check ourselves as well. After that hike or run, give yourself a quick check to save yourself from the possible harm that can be caused by a tick.

Lymes disease is only one of the many diseases that can affect people from the bite of a tick. It is better to be safe than sorry and take precautions for yourself and for your pet to save yourself from the effects that could possibly come from the bite of a tick. The dangers may be unknown to some, but they are worth paying attention to to save yourself from troubles in the future.

Author: Kelly McGurn

University of Missouri

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