Why pest control is important — Evan’s student essay

Why Pest Control Is Important?

Pest control is a key part to growing anything, whether you’re growing an entire field of wheat or just some mint in your backyard garden. Without pest control, plants tend to be heavily affected by pests, especially if it is a non-native plant. Additionally, controlling pests is very important to keeping a house or restaurant hygienically safe for everyone. Along with all these roles pest control plays, its most important is increasing the lifetime of a building’s infrastructure and foundation.

The controlling of pests is an extremely important part of growing any sort of plant that produces produce, whether it be apple or mint leaves. Pests really take a toll on a plant’s health along with its overall growth, whether that pest be rats or mites. 

From personal experience, it is important to use pest control on even mint plants as you do not want to end up with a bunch of mites in your mint lemonade. Along with this, pest control allows the plant to produce bigger yields along with making sure that there are no bugs in your fruits and vegetables. 

An additional place where good pest control is key is any personal and professional kitchen as it helps prevent disease carrying pests from contaminating equipment and food. If you have ever worked in a kitchen as a job you know how heavily emphasized hygiene is and how important it is to everybody’s health.

People in protective suits planning to do disinfection with chemicals

Pests are a constant source of dirtiness, you have to sanitize whatever they touch and rewash every pot or pan they touch which highlights why it is important for a kitchen to have its pests under control. Along with this, it is important for restaurants to do this because it helps their reputation. 

Nobody wants to eat at a restaurant where they see all sorts of bugs and rats running around and they would even be able to stay open due to health regulations.

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Another reason why pest control is so important is because it is needed to prolong the lifetime of a building’s infrastructure and their foundations, especially if the building uses wood. Pests can be detrimental to a building’s structure and can cost thousands of dollars in damage if not taken care of. 

Termites are one of the biggest culprits of this as they can do a lot of damage to wooden supports that you cannot even see. While structural wood can be chemically treated to help prevent termites, it is not a permanent solution and needs additional support in thwarting these pests. If these pests are able to continue unchecked they can eventually cause the building to become dangerous and a safety hazard to anyone in and around the building

Not only is pest control essential to houses but to any businesses and restaurants that have to deal with these same problems. In having proper pest control one can extend the life of their house, help to produce larger amounts of produce and insure that any building stays structurally sound. Throughout history, pests have been the root to many problems like plague and famine, so in controlling pests, we can better prevent these events from happening which is why it is so important.

Author: Evan Graber

Arizona State University

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