Why bees are important for the ecosystem — Sergio’s student essay

Why Bees Are Important For The Ecosystem?

Bees have played a significant role in pollinating the flowers and crops in our world. Without them we probably would lose a drastic amounts of produce in our crops such as the fruit and vegetables we need in our everyday life. 

Sometimes during the pollination process, an insect may have pollen rubbed onto them through the bee. This leads to making pollination much more efficient when an insect with pollen travels to the next flower for the pollen to be rubbed off. This works as a team effort with the other insects and a bee is main gear to have this work in the Pollination process.

Insects such as butterflies aren’t on par with how the bee collects pollen, since a bee literally spends most of their lifespan just collecting and transferring pollen. 

Also bees have shorter legs than butterflies and can collect more pollen, and even the small hairs in their body attract pollen for a bonus. Since crops need pollination from bees, if they were to go extinct many other animals would be at high risk of gathering their food supply. 

Those animals would be the humming birds, butterflies, frogs, wasps, hornets and of course humans.These little flying workers don’t deserve to be falling in their numbers, due to our pesticides and our destruction to their habitats. 


Bee pollinating on a flower blossom

The fact that the population of the bees is still dropping today, is quite worrisome and in serious need of more awareness. Also, there seems to be a misconception that bees are aggressive when the reality is they only behave that way when someone does a foolish move to provoke them. Fortunately, hope does still remain for them as we can still take action in helping.

Now with nectar, bees use this source in creating honey just like us humans use nectar in creating our remedies and their own businesses. People apparently make a living with Honey production, and honey businesses revolve around it.

Taking the bees away from our world will only cause those businesses and possibly certain people’s way of living to collapse down the drain. Being in that situation could create conundrums for these individuals on how they will manage to work and to be stable again.

Especially the local family honey businesses, they would be in a world of trouble without any bees around. From having several animals in danger from their food supply in the left, to having people struggle to make a living off of the honey production in the right. 

Humans in power who want to create more roads or buildings where the bee colony is high in population should be mindful on how they are the main reason everything is practically balanced. A wide variety of solutions can be created and executed by being educated on what bees mean to planet Earth. Perhaps the individuals who thought that this world would be fine without the bees, won’t regret that thought until the bees are finally gone forever. That’s the unfortunate sad truth and these critters have always deserved our gratitude and help.

Author: Sergio Molina

University Of Arizona

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