Why bees are important for the ecosystem — Herbert’s student essay

Why Bees Are Important For The Ecosystem?

The ecosystem has a very crucial cycle for its survival, animals like bees contribute to its success. The bee is a very important animal to any ecosystem. Bees pollinate 80% of the worlds plants, which makes a huge impact on the ecosystems cycle. 

Without bees an ecosystem would not be a stable ecosystem but would be in danger of dying and many animals could lose their habitat. Bees help make ecosystems stable and carryout key actions for an ecosystem to grow and develop. The bees are a Keystone species, and should be protected due to their importance to ecosystems.

There are more than 20,000 bee species around the world. They live in all types of climates, from forests in the United States to the deserts in Africa. Worldwide, bees impact all types of ecosystems in their own way. 

Even with their importance to ecosystems, bees are starting to lose population. Bees are losing their habitats due to deforestation, pesticides, and climate change. If we lose bees, we will lose a ton of ecosystems relying on the pollination of bees for life. 

Farmers heavily rely on bees to pollinate for their crops to grow, without them there is no food. Bees are are a key species in all our ecosystems and we should protect them at all costs.

Bee pollinating on a flower blossom

Bees make honey which other animals eat. An example would be how humans, birds, squirrels, and other animals harvest honey. They help create food for many species of animals. They are also part of a food chain. There are around 24 species of bids that prey on bees. Many insects and spiders also eat bees. Bees are an important piece in the food chain for animals. Without bees animals like bee-eater would die-off due to their source of food being extinct. It would cause a whirl of inconsistencies and would affect every animal and plant due to their importance to an ecosystem.

Bees not only pollinate but also create habitats for millions of animals. Their role of a pollinator allows them to grow habitats like forests, and woodlands. Bees create millions of habitats for animals to live in, without them the animals would lose their habitats and would be in danger of dying. Bees being pollinators, play a part in everything, the pollen helps develop trees, and plants which give animals food and habitat. Bees help create food and shelter for animals of all shapes and sizes which makes them a pivotal part to an ecosystems survival.

Bees are essential for an ecosystems survival. They help create essential habitats for animals like birds, humans, and insects. They create a suitable and stable ecosystem for millions of animals. Without them the ecosystems would be less stable and habitats would be lost due to no pollination. Deforestation, climate change, and pesticides all are affecting the population of bees in negative ways, we have to help improve their conditions to protect vital ecosystems and their properties. The bees are critical to an ecosystems survival and we should try to protect them before anything irreversible occurs.

Author: Herbert Duarte

Kennesaw State University

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