Which spiders in the U.S. are venomous? — Brenna’s student essay

Which Spiders in The U.S Are Venomous?

As of today, there are three poisonous spiders in the U.S. These spiders are the Brown Recluse, the Black Widow, and the Hobo spider. However, here in Michigan, we are safe because these spiders are mostly found in the north-western states of the U.S such as Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Northern Utah, and northern Colorado. The Brown Recluse spider, also known as the violin or fiddle-back spider in some parts, likes to hide in dark places. They can often be found in places like attics and piles of wood.

Next, there are three different types of the Black Widow and they are all poisonous. There is the Western Black Widow, the Northern Black Widow, and the Southern Widow. The Black Widow spider is one of the deadliest. This spider has killed several hundred people since the 1950s when spider bites were first recorded. 

Mailboxes are commonplace to find these spiders among being underneath outdoor furniture. In addition, the Hobo spider is mostly found in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and is often confused with the more common house spider. However, it can be spotted in the outdoors by its web because it creates a funnel web and waist at the bottom for its prey. 

Black Widow

Although this spider is aggressive and is known as a poisonous spider, it tends to avoid humans. When it does bite it is because it was “mashed” or was close to being flattened. This usually happens when they are hiding in people’s shoes and the person goes to put on their shoes. So, it would be wise to shake out shoes if there is a suspicion that there are Hobo spiders in the area because they cause tissue damage at the site of the bite. These types of spiders may seem scary, but they can be avoided and can be prevented from entering the comfort zone. 


The best way to avoid these spiders is to be able to identify these spiders from a distance. One way to prevent these types of spiders from entering the house is to get rid of any clutter in the house. These spiders like to go in small dark places and clutter creates their favorite spot. As bizarre as it may seem, it is best to wash curtains every one to two months and hold them away from your body when carrying them. Another way to keep these dangers away is to cut back tree branches and bushes that are against the house. Also, clean the gutters on the house.

The more unwelcome the spiders feel the more they will stay away. If there is already an infestation, it is best to remove any old wood, logs, or timber from the property. It is best to do all of this before it gets colder out because when it gets cold the spiders will come inside for warmth. All in all, it is best to take caution and stay away from these spiders. 

Author: Brenna Calhoun

Central Michigan University

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