Where bed bugs hide in the home — Quanita’s student essay

Where Bed Bugs Hide In The Home?

Bed bugs aren’t like any other insect or infestation. The look and hide everywhere but in abnormal places. I will cover the behavior and share the key places they hide when in abundance. This essay will provide insight on where bed bugs hide in order to provide need to know information.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency or known as the EPA bed bugs are unlike any infestation. Some individuals do not have reaction to their bites. Some signs you are being visited by bed bugs is rust colored spots on sheets. Their behaviors however are predictable. 

If bed bugs are suspected in your home, they usually are within 15-20 feet of their host. They usually feed on warm blooded mammals. Humans are their food of choice. They usually live close to their food source. Their hiding places are called harborages. 

Female bed bugs can lay about 200 eggs withing their lifespan. They must feed at least every two weeks in order to lay eggs. Feeding only takes about 12 minutes but can be as small as three minutes. You will find that they mostly feed at night but in some cases, they will feed during the day. They live about a year. Bedbugs cannot live in high temperatures. They die in 113-degree temperature.

Beg bugs are small. They can hide in the smallest of places. The EPA website uses the credit care example. If a credit card can fit so can bed bugs. Bed bugs can be found on the bed of course near their food source. This includes the head and foot board where there are cracks. The mattress, mattress tag and box spring.

They can also be simply found around the bed in the frames. Pest control have found them near pipes and seams. When in abundance they can be found almost anywhere. Heavy traffic areas such as the living room in the sofas and curtains. They have been known to hide in wall sockets and appliances. 

Inspections have found they hide in baseboards, cracks in the walls. EPA notes they are found behind pictures and in wallpaper. They have even been found in screw heads. Who would think to look for infestation in the head of a screw? No area is off limits. Bed bugs have infested window seals, wood joints and a variety of other areas. Bed bugs can travel on a person body, clothing or electronic devices. If an infestation is suspected call and exterminator. Don’t hesitate.

In conclusion, bed bugs can hide anywhere in a person’s home. They tend to find their hiding places close to their food sources. They feed at night but when faced with hunger they will feed during the day. For some night owls, they sleep during the day so naturally bed bugs will feed during the day when their food source is available. They need to feed in order to reproduce. High temperatures can kill them, but the safest and smartest intervention is to call an expert as soon as possible.

Author: Quanita Conway

Western Governors University

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