How To Pick A Pest Control Company — Aidan’s student essay

How To Pick A Pest Control Company?

Your home is, for lack of a better term, a sacred place. It is where you feel safe, secure, and where you live your life. Not only is your house a home to you, it is the home to the years of memories you have made there.

However, small intruders can breach the barrier of safety to your home and go unnoticed until it is too late. These intruders are pests. What do you do when you discover your sacred space has been infested with pests? 

It seems the only option is to call a pest control company. You don’t want just anybody walking throughout your home, making an effort to rid the house of pests. You want somebody who realizes where they are; you want somebody who knows they are in your home, not just at another job site.

 In order to achieve this result, there are a couple things you should look for before dispatching a pest control company.

People in protective suits planning to do disinfection with chemicals

The first thing you want to do is find out how long the company has been in business. A new company likely is still hitting bumps in the road, and this may become apparent after they have been in your home. Another thing you should find out is how experienced the technician handling your case is. If they are a new technician, find out if they are required to train with a technician that has more seniority. You should also find out how much experience the company has dealing with issues like yours; you don’t want your home to be the guinea pig for the pest control company.

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The next set of questions you should ask deal with the technicians themselves, as well as customer service. The answers to these questions will give you an insight as to how your home will be treated in the hands of the technician. First, ensure the technician on your case has a current license. Just like you wouldn’t want to be on the road with someone lacking a drivers license, you don’t want someone in your home who doesn’t know what they are doing. 

To avoid this, ensure your technician is licensed. You also want to ensure their familiarity with new codes, techniques, and safety measures. Once this information has been made available, ensure the company has insurance. If anything were to go wrong in your home, you want the piece of mind that the issue will be resolved. This peace of mind comes with an insured pest control company. In addition to insurance, find out if the company offers low-toxicity options. A low-toxicity option is a big step to reducing the environmental footprint your case will have.

Finally, once the technician arrives, make sure they are polite and clean. Make sure they can explain why the pest is in your home, the behavior of the best, the treatment they will be using, and why their treatment is effective. Now that all of this information is available, you can be confident that your home is in good hands. Nobody ever thinks they could have an infestation, but it is a very real possibility. If the unthinkable happens, use these steps to ensure your home will be ready for a future of memory making, happiness, and comfort.

Author: Aidan Gregg

University of Delaware

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