Top Five Bugs and Pests in Nashville Tennessee

Spiders Very few people are bug enthusiasts, particularly when bug activity leads to an infestation. There are certain kinds of insects that are more prone to being nuisances around the home and knowing about them is your best chance of finding solutions to help manage them. Educating yourself can be the difference between managing a problem early on and letting it fester until you have a full infestation on your hands. It can be beneficial to know the basics behind common insects that you might see around your home, so we have compiled a list of common bugs and what makes them tick!

Bed Bugs in Nashville

If there is one type of bug that gets a particularly bad rap among humans, bed bugs are prone to getting a lot of criticism. Most people have heard of these bugs, but few people are actually aware of what they look like or how difficult they are to see. While it’s easy for most people to understand that bed bugs are not something that you want in your house, most people don’t know how to identify them. The most common way that people learn about a budding bed bug problem is by experiencing bites in their sleep.

Considering the extent of bed bug damage and how difficult they can be to get rid of, it can be beneficial to know how to identify them early on. Most people assume that bed bug diet has something to do with beds themselves, but this is actually not true. Bed bugs drink animal blood as a primary source of nutrients, so you are actually their meal. If you notice that you or your housemates are beginning to show up with bites, it might be beneficial to look around your furniture and bedding to determine if you can notice any small insects in the area. Bed bugs are incredibly small, so you’ll want to be thorough when checking.

Cockroaches in Nashville

These pests are an insect that most people will recognize upon sight because they have such a bad reputation. Cockroaches can vary in shape, size, and color depending on region, but they are generally easy to recognize. They are known for their bad habit of infesting areas and are generally affiliated with seedy city apartments, but cockroaches are actually a much bigger problem than most people know. In fact, these infestations are common in a lot of different places you might not expect.

Cockroaches thrive in the dark, and that is where you will generally find them. These light-averted creatures are prone to hiding at all costs. In the event you actually see them in your home, you might be at risk of having an infestation. Generally, these insects will try to stay hidden when they can. For their diet, they will eat any kind of natural material. However, there are certain things that will attract them more just like with any insect. Proteins and sugars are popular food options for them, so if you begin to see them, try to hide the food.

Termites in Nashville

Though plenty of people only know about termites because of their frequent dramatic representation in media, there’s more to these insects than merely devouring wood in real time. Termites are known for eating dead plants and trees. This has earned them quite a reputation for their ability to cause significant home damage by devouring wood around the house. These creatures are known to lurk in unsuspecting homes and can cost homeowners a lot money if left unchecked. Few people realize that termites can eat other substances like plastic and drywall as well. This means that they can cause damage to a variety of household items.

Termites have a tendency to be in southern areas where the weather is warmer. The most common kind is the dry wood termites that are known for infiltrating houses and causing problems. They are known for not only compromising the structural integrity of homes in key areas like wooden frames or door frames, but also for attacking furniture within the home itself. They will not hesitate to move from one delicious snack to another, and this can come at a significant cost to you. As would be expected, getting rid of these insects as soon as they show up is crucial.

Spiders in Nashville

There are few bugs that get more hate than spiders. Spiders, which are actually arachnids, are known for their distinctive eight legs and for striking fear in the hearts of many. While these creatures have a pretty bad reputation because people tend to be afraid of them and some can be venomous, they are actually one of the more useful bug types that you can have in your home. Spiders prey on other bugs for food, which makes them great at keeping away other kinds of nuisances that might be building up in your home. Of course, the cons can outweigh benefits in the event that you find yourself with an infestation.

Spiders can vary greatly when it comes to type. Depending on the type, they might prefer different living areas or focus on a different diet. Some spiders are prone to staying in dark and moist places while others might be at home in your garden. While it can be helpful to have a few of these eight-legged friends around, most people don’t want them in the house considering the fact that they can bite.

Every single day, we are all surrounded by bugs. Instead of feeling fear over this, it is best to remember that bugs are a part of nature and should generally be left alone unless they become a problem. In the event that you begin to notice that a certain type of bug seems a little too common in your home, don’t hesitate to call the professionals to check it out. Identifying a potential infestation early is a great way to manage it, protect your family, and save on costs associated with damage. Recognizing what kind of bugs are around you and what they eat can help you to make them feel a little less comfortable!