Will Pest Control Get Rid of Bed Bugs — Megan’s student essay

Will Pest Control Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are a prevalent issue across the globe with approximately 1 in 5 homes being infected. Within the United States alone all 50 states are affected with a concentrated infestation in the Southeast area of the United States reaching upwards of 29% of all U.S. bed bug cases (Oliver, 2021). 

These cases of infestation are on the rise and pest control companies are receiving more clients with bed bug concerns than in previous years. 97% of all pest control companies, according to the Bed Bug Lawyers, are attending to bed bug concerns at least once a year if not increasingly more (Oliver, 2021). 

While cases are on the rise, pest control professionals are faced with figuring out innovative and effective solutions to eradicating these nasty pests. Many professionals are in agreement with one another that bed bugs are one of the more challenging pests to eliminate.

This being said, bed bugs should be handled by professionals in the pest control field rather than through do-it-yourself techniques and home remedies. These solutions may pose to be hazardous to both the individual responsible as well as family members and four-legged friends. 

The misuse of chemicals or other creative solutions may lead to more harm through irritation via skin contact or even inhalation issues than the bed bug bites themselves. Furthermore, untrained bed bug removal strategies may lead to a temporary solution rather than a permanent one. 

Beg bugs may be mistaken for their bat bug cousins and bed bug bites may even be mistaken for flea bites changing the methods of treatment necessary (Don’t DIY that, n.d.). Professional pest control employees are trained to determine whether bed bugs are the issue at hand. They are going to be the most helpful source for analyzing the current situation in sight.

pest control worker spraying pesticides in cabinet in kitchen

After Pest Control has determined that bed bugs are the root cause of the issue, they are able to use various methods of treatment in hopes of eliminating the current infestation and applying preventative measures for the future. Pest Control will generally begin treating for bed bugs by using heat or steaming methods for removal. Creating a hot environment, typically around 135 degrees Fahrenheit, for approximately 90 minutes has proven to be a more naturally effective method to kill bed bugs (Watson, 2019).

pest control worker spraying pesticides on floor at home

If heat treatment does not work, Pest Control will usually begin introducing chemicals. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has now accredited over 300 chemicals for safe use in the treatment of bedbugs (EPA, n.d.). 

Pest Control Professionals are trained to narrow the selection down to a chemical that will be beneficial for the given situation. Pyrethrins and pyrethroids are the most commonly used chemicals for bedbug treatment but due to the rise in cases of infestation, some bed bugs are adapting a sense of immunity towards it. Desiccants, biochemicals, and pyrroles are close contenders in other efficient chemicals for treatment. 

Pest Control Professionals may also use a long-term insecticide to ensure that once the bed bugs are gone, they stay gone. Pest Control Professionals are trained and certified for bed bug removal. Chances are they are going to be far more effective in bed bug eradication than other methods readily available.

Author: Megan Dye

Arizona State University


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