Will Pest Control Get Rid of Ants — Dane’s student essay

Will Pest Control Get Rid of Ants?

We had ants lining our kitchen walls. Streaming in like they were on a mission. It was summer and my mom was freaking out. They were everywhere and although they were on a mission they had no specific destination. We all instantly started cleaning and spraying the ants to stop the steady flow. My mom actually put tape in the areas they were coming in once we had gotten rid of the ants. She would look for the stragglers and tape their entryway.

My parents started looking for a pest control company that day. My parents hired a pest control company and they have used them since that day. This company sprays every other month for ants and other bugs. They show up and put big masks on and get to work. 

They spray all areas around our hose along with putting clear gel ant bait out in busy ant areas. I think they are a big reason we don’t have ants coming inside anymore. It helps create a barrier from outside to inside our house. 

I also think my family working as a team with this company helps keep the ants away. My sister likes to eat in her room and that was something they specifically told us to not do. We need to eat in the kitchen and not leave empty cups behind.

They gave us the information to continue to help control the ants by not leaving food out or open and cleaning up crumbs along with regularly dumping our trash outside. Another suggestion they made was to move our outside trash cans. They suggested we move the cans away from our house to help keep ants that will always show up far away from entry in to our house. Doing all of these things along with the regular spraying keeps us ant free inside.

This is very important here in San Diego because we always seem to have ants. Especially during the summer months when it is really hot since the ants are very active and are out looking for water. Now, we are not completely ant free. We still have ants outside our home. I don’t think it is possible or necessary to completely eliminate ants from around the outside of our house all year around. But as it says in their name they are mainly helping you control your ant problems. 

Getting rid of doesn’t necessarily mean completely eliminating. Which I find very interesting after writing this essay. It is not something I had put much thought in too. I would have to say pest control is a joint effort between 2 parties. Spraying for ants wouldn’t help if we always left food and trash out enticing the ants to come in and I think that’s a lot to put on the pest control company. So to answer the question will pest control get rid of ants? I would say yes they definitely get rid of ants in the terms of keeping them out of places you don’t want them.

Author: Dane Palmer

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