Which pest control company is best for bed bugs — Zachariah’s student essay

Which Pest Control Company Is Best For Bed Bugs?

According to the National Pest Management Association, there are numerous pest control companies that may advertise pest control but may not practice equally. It is critical to understand important factors such as membership affiliation and state licensing that monitor the company’s protocols and ethical practices.

Fundamental associations include; The National Pest Management Association (NPMA), QualityPro, the Better Business Bureau (BBB), bedbugFREE and state associations.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it would also be important to use a company that has access to advanced information on bed bug control management. The company should use a variety of EPA registered pesticides that treat bed bugs by various modes of action to address the increased resistance bed bugs have developed to pesticides. 

It is also important to use a company that engages with their consumer and offers helpful education in treating bed bugs for the long term. The pesticide company needs to use integrated pest management principles which would include being able to identify the signs of bed bugs, where bed bugs hide, their behaviors and habits such as feeding, mating, life cycles and living conditions. 


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The pest management company should use a multidisciplinary approach in addition to use of pesticides such as vacuuming, steaming, and cleaning. The pest management company should use products appropriate for the situation, products that are approved for indoor use, guarantee that directions on labs are duly followed.

The pest control company should be familiar with treatment failures such as incompetence in area preparation, negligence in treating territories knows as resting areas, or where bed bugs may hide, neglecting to treat zones where the bed bugs may have migrated such as nearby areas, not following recommended label rates which may not successfully kill the bed bugs or assist the bed bugs in developing a resistance to the chemical, lack of follow up in a proper timeframe, not allowing enough time for the chemical to work.

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It is imperative that the consumer request treatment plan options and a written statement. The quote should not be a flat fee. A follow up plan should be provided. It is recommended to walk the home with the pest control professional during each visit to address the works as it is being done. Ask the professional to identify conditions that may threaten the efforts and success of the bed bug treatment. Be aware of what the company is responsible for such as repairs or how issues that arise will be resolved.

A consumer may find it relevant to know a pest control company’s employee satisfaction rating. This may be rated based on continuing education and resources offered by the pest management company.

Lastly, if one were in search of a pest control company for the treatment of bed bugs, it would be pragmatic to use a pesticide establishment with a good reputation and one that practiced empathy. Bed bugs carry a certain stigma that the person or the person’s home is unclean. Treatment of bed bugs can be costly financially and socially as well as mentally.

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