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Which Pest Control Company Is Best For Bed Bugs?

Raised, itchy, and red bumps on your neck, face, hands, and legs. You feel a burning sensation due to inflammation that makes you want to itch. After hours of searching on the internet for a cure to those mysterious mosquito-like bites, you learn that you have a bed bug infestation. Disgust and horror overcome you as you learn more about these horrid blood-sucking parasites. 

These brownish, small insects survive solely on human and animal blood that they harvest while their unsuspecting victims are asleep. Like the vampires of the night, bed bugs hide in dark, tight spaces, such as mattresses, clothing, couches, bed frames, and headboards, where they can easily access their night time meals. You sit there in front of your computer itching your arm with an expression of irritation on your face. Luckily, as you are scrolling down an article that talks about the symptoms of a bed bug infestation, you hear a “ping” as a green ad pops up on your screen saying, “Contact us to get rid of harmful insects permanently. 24/7 service.” Terminix, the knight in shining armor of bed bug pest control.

Terminix, a 90 year old American based business that specializes in pest control, has gained a major foothold in the bed bug exterminator industry with 2.8 million loyal customers and over 300 branches in 47 states ( excluding Alaska, North Dakota, and South Dakota). 

Terminix was the first company to obtain a termite control patent in 1932, which is why, on their website, they claim that, “NO ONE KNOWS PESTS LIKE WE DO” (Terminix). 

Furthermore, Terminix expanded its business with innovative technology, expertly designed pest control products, and “some of the world’s top pest specialists, including graduate and PhD-level entomologists and certified members of the Entomological Society of America” (Terminix). Upon opening their website, you are greeted with a reassuring message, “Terminix® offers powerful, customized bed bug treatments that eliminate bed bugs where they live and breed.

People in protective suits planning to do disinfection with chemicals

We work quickly and effectively with as little disruption as possible” (Terminix). You can even call or fill out an online form to schedule a free inspection if you suspect a possible infestation. The actual process is simple: first the exterminators inspect the house in 30 minutes, next they require a 2-3 hour window to begin treatment to the infected areas, lastly they follow up to ensure peace of mind. Terminix offers fast, effective, and non-toxic bed bug control solutions like steam or RapidFreeze®. They even have a 30 day guarantee policy to ensure customer satisfaction and complete bed bug removal.

Terminix charges for a 2,000 square foot home range from $550 to $700 annually, but factors such as the type of pest, size of the home or infestation, and type of treatment will contribute to the final cost. Payment is made easy with Terminix’s new AutoPay feature on their website that gives the customer total control to make payments electronically, schedule services, review service history, and access billing statements. Finally, their website has an informative article about bed bugs, how to notice infestations, symptoms of bites, and a list of extra precautions to follow after an extermination service.

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You sit back and wonder if this Terminix company really is your knight in shining armor. They have a great website and are a household name that has been an industry leader due to their emphasis on expertise and forward-looking technology. So you set out on the internet for reviews. This Old House, a home improvement and remodeling company, scored Terminix as the best overall when comparing it with other pest control companies like Orkin and Aptive. In their article, This Old House says,

“We gave Terminix a 98.5/100 score, the highest of any company we’ve reviewed” (This Old House). On the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, customers such as Debra U. have praised Terminix by saying, “Excellent service, wonderful service policies. We’ve had them take care of our desert home needs for 15 years and never regretted the decision. Best in the business. Our technician, Kevin, is like family. He is the best in the business!” (Debra U. Better Business Bureau). 

Additionally, Terminix gained a 4.1/5 rating with over 10,000 reviews since 2012 on Consumer Affairs, a website that houses company reviews and information. Shon of Levittown says, “Terminix’s tech does our quarterly service and his work is always excellent. He always checks in and gives us an update on what he finds” (Shon, Consumer Affairs). Moreover, Chris of Gulfport adds, “Scheduling with them has been very good and the manager of the local Terminix location has been accessible to our request” (Chris, Consumer Affairs).

Finally, a recent review on August 7th 2021 by Carols of Key West said, “Terminix fumigates my homes and checks my termite situation. Scheduling is done by text message and I’ve had no problem with communication. I’m happy with them” (Carols, Consumer Affairs). Terminix’s influence doesn’t stop there, more reviews can be found on several websites. On TrustPilot, a website for reviews of services, customer J. Pettit graciously thanked Terminix with his review by writing, “Excellent service. Operator Richard arrived on time efficiently and quickly dealt with my problem – several wasp nests. He fully explained the process and…gave me advice on how to treat the nests in the next few hours.

A brilliant service would highly recommend the company” (J. Pettit, TrustPilot). Many other customers have commented on how Terminix’s decades of experience allowed them to have the best experience with the company. This Old House outlined some of Terminix’s best features when they said, “Terminix’s online chat function that allows homeowners to communicate with a Terminix representative in real time. [They can] chat on different occasions and always receive prompt, informative service, whether it was about plan details, plan availability, or Terminix guarantees. The representative was eager to work with us…that commitment to customer service means a lot in the pest control industry” (This Old House).

When compared with the other top 3 providers (Okrin and Aptive) for bed bug pest control, Terminix was deemed the best by This Old House because of “key metrics including plan options, state availability, trustworthiness, customer service, and additional benefits” (This Old House). Furthermore, Terminix is dedicated to its customers which is why This Old House believes Terminix “has the best customer service and is one of the best pest control companies in the industry” (This Old House).

After all this research and itching, you feel satisfied that you have found a trustworthy pest control company to get rid of those pesky bed bugs. You immediately call a Terminix representative and schedule an appointment for the next day. You sit back, relieved that the problem will be solved, and laugh a little as you remember a saying of your late grandmother, “Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!”

Author: Hana Roushdy

Arizona State University (ASU)

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