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Where Does Pest Control Spray In Homes?

Thrive Pest Control is an extermination company that will guarantee to meet your satisfaction needs of a pest free home. They are a family-owned company that is founded on customer satisfaction. Ensuring that every single fragment of your home, inside an outside, is clear of pest.

Before the Thrive Pest Control exterminators arrive to your household there are a few things you need to make sure of. Tidy up your home by making sure that any clutter of laundry, kitchen appliances, and any items that you don’t want the spray to get over are put away so that it’s not in the path of the exterminator. Also, if you have any pets make sure they are kept in a safe place, so they do not inhale any of the toxins being released from the spray. You should also, make sure that everything is clear and there nothing blocking the areas where the exterminator would need to release the pesticides.

Thrive Pest Control first starts out by inspecting your house, their technicians will analyze where extermination is most needed. They begin by getting rid of any spider webs, wasp nests, and any other nest of insects and rodents. 

Then they move onto spraying the rooms of the household that shows signs of infestation. Along with the base boards of your house they will spray the pesticides on every section and the corners. Pest Control will also check places like cracks in between the wall, plumbing, crawlspaces, etc. these tend to be areas of your home that insects move through and entrances where they can find access inside your house. 

In addition, Pest Control will spray the basement, garages, and attic as these rooms are usually the areas where insects and rodents lay their nest.

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Once the inside is complete the Thrive Pest Control exterminator will then move to the outside of your house. They will investigate the bushes, outside walls of the house, and any other places where insects or rodents can set up nest. If you have a storage room in your back yard the exterminators will investigate and release the pesticides, if there is they find evidence of an infestation. 

The exterminators will then start spraying around the area of your home, and a few feet up the foundation of your home to prevent any insects from crawling up the walls and finding access to your home. 

For reinsurance the Thrive Pest Control company will also, add a granular product around your house for extra protection. Then exterminators will focus on the windows and doors which is the most common way for insects to get inside.

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Once the extermination process is completed you can expect Thrive Pest Control to return to your home to ensure that re-infestation hasn’t occurred. If there is signs of re-infestation Pest Control will provide services free of charge so that they can meet your satisfaction needs. Clearing up all pest, so that you can feel safe and comfortable in your own home without having any unwanted visitors.

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