How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Are there fruit flies in your kitchen? If so, there are many do-it-yourself hacks to get rid of them. First, it is essential to understand how and why fruit flies appear and why it seems like they come out of nowhere in huge swarms. These flies live off any moist fermented surface and can lay up to five hundred eggs at once, so if one appears, there is a considerable likelihood that dozens more will follow. 

The term “moist fermented surface” may appear self-explanatory, but this phrase encompasses many different surfaces. This can mean anything from ripened fruits and vegetables to moist towels and mops to empty bottles, cans, trash bags, and even inside dirty drains and garbage disposals. They probably have laid eggs on or on many of those surfaces. It’s not difficult for them to get into a house either. These pests can sneak in through cracked or open doors and windows, and more often than not, there are already fruit fly larvae on the fruit and vegetables you buy at the grocery store or pull from the garden.

How to remove fruit flies​

There are many different methods to remove fruit flies. One option is to buy a pre-made fruit fly trap such as the Terro Fruit Fly Trap, or you can use a generic fly or insect trap such as flypaper or UV insect traps. 

Others prefer a DIY option that can be put together quickly from typical kitchen ingredients and tools. Many of these methods include a trap with a substance they are attracted to as bait; sometimes, the catch is also essential, such as in the cases of honey, agave, or maple syrup. Other foods that could be used include lemons or limes, apple cider vinegar, brown bananas, or even some kinds of alcohol. 

One typical trap is constructed by putting the bait inside a jar or some other type of container and using a piece of paper to create a funnel leading to the inside of the pot. Similarly, using a layer of cling wrap with small holes poked through it, you can cover the jar to make it more difficult for them to get out. Another option is to fill a wine bottle or a shot glass with part dawn soap and part apple cider vinegar, the soap trapping them with its stickiness.

Get rid of fruit flies permanently​

The real feat of permanently eliminating fruit flies is preventing their return from your home. To test your drains to find out of fruit flies are breeding inside your pipes, the plastic tape is wrapped over them, and if after a couple days there are adult flies underneath, you need to clean your pipes. 

This can be done by pouring boiling water, baking soda, and vinegar down them. After this, it is essential to clean up the kitchen and get rid of anything that attracts them from returning.

Clean the drips, pans, under the stove, under the lip of the kitchen sink, and check underneath the refrigerator as well as sealed jars of jelly or fruit to clean up any hidden remains of food or sugary substances that attract them. Washing fruit when you bring it home and then keeping it in the fridge can eliminate any larvae and slow its ripening.

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