Ants In The Home

The word “infestation” has a tendency to conjure up some truly horrible mental images for most people, and a lot of them include ants. Ants are one bothersome pest that you don’t want anywhere near your home. They will invade your space, eat your food, and invite all of their friends over. As far as house guests go, these guys are the absolute worst.

This becomes an even bigger problem when you factor in the reality that ant colonies tend to have a dangerously high number of residents. This makes it incredibly difficult to get rid of them without professional intervention. Nashville is home to a variety of ants, and we will be the first to tell you that not all of them are friendly.

Carpenter Ants

In the world of ants, carpenter ants are some of the most common. These sizeable dark ants are not only incredible at hunting down food, creating colonies, and working a variety of ant-based jobs. Carpenter ants are also notable because they are big. More concerningly, some of the bigger variations of this ant are known to bite.

Not all carpenter ants bite, but certain workers within the colony are fitted with some truly impressive jaws, and these nasty bugs can pack quite a bite in the event that you disturb them. While some ants are harmless and can be easily handled, carpenter ants are the ones that just might take a chunk out of you if you try to pick them up.

Fire Ants

As experts, we have to advise you against picking up any insects, but carpenter ants will give you a reason not to pick them up. One significant area of concern for Nashville right now is fire ants. These horrible beasts more than live up to their name, which has been given to them because of their painful sting.

Fire ants aren’t just frightening because they sting. In fact, fire ants also bite. These insects will latch onto you with their mouth so they can sting you and hit you with an incredibly painful venom.

This process is bad enough with one single fire ant, but fire ants often have something worse in mind. In the event that you were to stumble across a fire ant colony, it would be a very bad day.

These ants move like soldiers, and if they suspect that you might be threatening their home, they will attack with a full army. Being stung by one fire ant is bad enough. Being stung by hundreds is a great way to end up at the emergency room, and the pain is nearly unimaginable. This is a frightening thing to consider for a fully grown adult, but the reality is that children and pets have a much higher risk of running into this tiny army of foes. Recognizing when you have a problem is the best way to protect yourself and your family.

Identifying Ants

Being able to identify when you have ants is important for getting rid of them. Ants are notorious for scouting out new places to invade. These creatures will send members of the colony out to look for new sources of food and you do not want to be the house where they find it. Ants are incredibly adept at finding crumbs and other food sources.

If you leave food out, you drastically increase your risk of getting them. If you begin to notice that you have ants, it is crucial that you step in. When ants find a food source, they will return with friends. The last thing that you want is to be hosting a buffet for a bunch of interested ants who want nothing more than to chow down and move their colony closer to your place. If your house proves to be a valid food source, they will move onto your property and then you have a big problem on your hands.

Prevent Ants in your Home

In order to dodge this dilemma, you want to make sure that you keep your food sealed safely away. While the presence of ants doesn’t necessarily mean that your home isn’t clean enough, the reality is that crumbs and snacks being left out will prove to be everything that they are looking for. This can be infinitely more difficult for people who have kids and pets.

Your children and fur children will leave crumbs lying around with little a care regarding whether or not you end up with ants on your property. Proper food storage and effective cleaning and vacuuming are crucial for limiting the interest of these invaders.

If you see an ant or two around your home, you don’t need to panic just yet. These ants might be scouts sent to look for something and if they don’t find anything, chances are they will not bother you.

However, if you start to notice a ton of ants on your property or start seeing them actively around your home, you will want to nip that problem in the bud. It is best to get on the phone with your local exterminator to get the problem. handled as quickly as possible.

ants feeding

Fire ants in particular are known for digging up holes in yards, which can be an indicator that you might have them. These holes will be filled with ants that can easily swarm any poor soul that stumbles upon it. If you suspect you have fire ants, get on the phone immediately. It is a trip to the emergency room that you do not need.

Ant Exterminator

As far as pests go, ants are overwhelming because of the strength of their forces. In the insect world, ants are known for how many of them there are and how much they are capable of. They can lift heavy things and are incapable of dying from a fall. This means that getting rid of them is absolutely a process that should be left to the pest control professionals.

The last thing that you want is to find that ants have invaded your kitchen. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call pest control in Nashville at the first sign. It is always better to be safe than sorry.